Savoy cabbage rolls stuffed with cous cous and bechamel

Savoy cabbage rolls stuffed with cous cous and bechamel


  • 12 Savoy Cabbage leaves
  • 250 ml Hoplà Veg&Bio Bechamel
  • 1 Stir-fried Carrot
  • 50 g Stir-fried French Beans
  • 2 Stir-fried Courgettes (green part)
  • 200 g Ready to make Cous Cous
  • Dry liqueur
  • EVO Oil
  • Salt, Black Pepper

Product used


Cook the Cous Cous following the instructions on the packaging. Add 4 spoons of Hoplà Veg&Bio Bechamel and the chopped and stir-fried vegetables. Taste to check sapidity.

Parboil the savoy cabbage leaves for 1 minute and let them dry properly. Cut off the hardest central part of the leaves and stuff each half with the cous cous and vegetable filling mixture. Close the leaves in rolls using the kitchen twine.

Gently brown the Savoy Cabbage rolls in a pan with a drop of EVO oil and simmer with dry liqueur until reduced. Put some Hoplà Veg&Bio Bechamel on the bottom of a deep baking tray and place the Savoy Cabbage rolls on it. Add the remaining part of the Hoplà Veg&Bio Bechamel and bake for 20 minutes at 180°C.

Vegan, Lactose-Free

Cooking with Hoplà Veg&Bio

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